Babice Slaughterhouse (Babice Ubojnia ) is in continuous operation from 1997. It is a modern slaughterhouse of live hogs with an output of 700 pcs. per day. It fulfils all the requirements of the European Union. The operation of the company concentrates on production of pork half-carcass. High quality of the raw material is guaranteed by contracted cooperation with breeders.

Direct purchase of raw material from the producers allows for:
  • obtaining high quality goods,
  • self-reliance and independent of intermediaries,
  • continuity of supplies.
The suppliers of the company consist mainly of:
  • agricultural and horticultural farms,
  • cooperative farms,
  • individual farmers.
We offer highest quality pork meat due to the implemented HACCP system and a modern technological line. Maintaining high quality of goods supplied to the customers is further guaranteed by a fleet of delivery vans for transport of half-carcasses.